Bridge Yoga Studio understands that every body is different.

We celebrate each individual’s uniqueness and strive to make you comfortable. We encourage listening to your body and progressing at your own pace.

Our multi-level classes are designed so that anyone, regardless of experience or ability, can participate. In addition to regular multi-level classes, we offer Slow Flow or Gentle Hatha yoga classes for those who prefer a slower pace.

Yoga Schedule

The classes in black are multi level vinyasa

flow classes. These classes move from

pose to pose linking movement with breath.

Open to all.

The slow flow, gentle & Yoga Basics classes are great for beginners or those who like a slower moving class.  No experience necessary.

Restorative yoga uses blocks, blankets, and bolsters to prop you into poses and then your body can just relax without tension or strain. This is very relaxing and a great balance to a vinyasa class.

Yoga Class Prices:

Drop-in: $12

10 class card: $100  ( 3 months)

20 class card: $180 (6 months)

Unlimited monthly: $80

Student rate:

Drop-in: $10     

10 classes $80 ( 3 months)   

Unlimited monthly $60

Private or small group $65 /hour